Essence Deluxe Set


Discover and enjoy this Essence Deluxe mini set!
This set contains of 4 different Huxley's essences:

Oil: Light & MoreIt is a highly concentrated and antioxidant-rich oil that slurps into the skin to make the skin bright and hydrated. 

Oil essence: Essence like, Oil like; It glides over skin and strengthen skin's moisture barrier.

Essence: Grab WaterA deeply long-lasting hydration retention essence that is soft and flows over thirsty and tired skin. 

Essence: Brightly Ever After; Targets uneven skin tone, dark spots and pigmentation

They are mini because each bottle is 5 ml. It is cute and very handy for travel, but also a nice try out if you are not sure which one suits you more. Because each bottle has its own specific function. Also, a nice gift for your beloved one or to pamper yourself! 

Huxley makes careful skin care products for people that helps them with suffering harmful environmental elements and stress. The star and main ingredient, certified-organic Sahara prickly pear cactus seed oil, is sourced from Morocco. This precious ingredient is antioxidant-rich, highly nourishing and anti-aging.

Skin Type
✔ All skin types

Oil Light & More 5 ml
Oil Essence: Essence like, oil like 5ml
Essence: Grap Water 5ml
Essence: Brightly Ever After 5ml


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• For external use only 
• Avoid direct contact with eyes
• Keep out of reach of children
• Store away from high or low temperatures and from direct sunlight
• Discontinue to use if irritation or redness occurs

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