How to store your beauty products

You know that feeling? When you open your beloved skin care product, only to find that the product has changed in color or texture and has become unusable? Storing your skincare products the right way is essential to increase the shelf life of each product, allowing you to enjoy your product for a longer period and of course also saving a lot of money! 

1. Close the lid tightly
The biggest enemy for your skincare products is oxygen. Skin Care products exposed to oxygen for longer period can break down and deteriorate the active formulas in your skincare products. Make sure you close the lid of your products tightly after every use and don't expose to oxygen for a longer period than necessarily. 

2. Avoid touching the products directly
It's common sense, your hands are full with germs and bacteria. Stay away from touching your skin care products with your hands and use a spatula as much as possible to scoop out the products from its container. In case the products are stored in a tub, make sure you do not touch the opening of the tube. 

3. Cooling your products
Did you know that some Korean beauty gurus have a separate fridge for storing only their skin care products? Well if you do not have that luxury or space in your apartment, you can also just simple place your skin care products in your regular fridge. A fridge is a dry and cool place, keeping your skincare products maintain its consistency. In a worse case, some products are formulated with heat sensitive ingredients, making them inactive when left in the sun. Plus, it is super nice to put on a cooled sheet mask after a long day of work, for the extra booze!

4. Don't store your products in the bathroom
The most common place people store their skin care products is in the bathroom, on the sink or in a medicine cabinet above the sink. But, did you know that bathrooms are the best place for bacteria, mold and fungi to breed? As they love heat and humidity, bathrooms are the perfect place! Always store your skin care outside of the bathroom.

5. Keep your product's life cycle in mind
Important information regarding the product's life cycle are stated on the label. Lot number, manufactured date, period after opening date. It is useful to write down the opening date of the product to keep track of the shelf life of the product.


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