10 Step Korean Beauty Routine

Koreans are known for their glowing, dewy, healthy looking skin, which is achieved through a hard-core beauty routine. It involves 10 (or more) steps, which is most probably slightly more than what you are used to. It could sound a bit overwhelming at first, but once you have mastered it, you can't live without it! Especially when you see effective results! Of course, your skin care routine is very personal, we are here to help you understand the basic steps, but you can customize them to fit your lifestyle, routine and of course your skin type!

Cleansing consists of two steps, starting with an oil based cleanser, which is usually effective enough to remove all your make up, SPF and other impurities. As water repels oil, it makes removing that last bit of mascara effortless and pleasant! Massage the cleanser over your dry face and neck until it breaks off all the make up. Then add a splash of lukewarm water to emulsify the cleanser. Massage again and rinse off with lukewarm water.

Second step of the double cleanser; Water Based cleanser.  Mix the cleanser with a bit of water and massage your face and neck, then rinse off. may that be a gel or foam cleanser, to remove remaining residues or impurities that the first step didn't clean. The key is to find a gentle formula that won’t strip or dry out your skin.
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Exfoliating your skin is essential to remove dead skin cells, which makes your pores clean and clear so that they can absorb the rest of the skin care products that you will be applying. Exfoliating is not recommended every day though! But at least once or twice a week to create a clear & polished skin! 
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When your skin is dehydrated and dry, it is more difficult to rehydrate and absorb more moist. Toners dampens your skin and balances its natural 5.5 pH level. This step is essential, forming a base for all the goodies that you will be applying in the coming steps. Sprinkle some toner into your hands and tap it directly on your skin or dispense some toner on a cotton pad and gently swipe around your face. When the toner is very watery, we recommend the cotton pad method.
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Essences are a lightweight, less concentrated form of serums. Their main purpose is to add a layer of moisture to the skin in order to prepare the skin for the following step, the serum.
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Serums, Ampoules, Boosters are basically concentrated essences that directly target a specific need that you are most concerned about. Whether they are loss of firmness, dehydration, pigmentation, wrinkles or acne. Find the perfect product for your concern! You can customise your routine by adding or moving more boosters, serums or ampoules. There is no fixed order, but generally lighter, thinner products go first.
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Sheet masks are the soul of the Korean Skin Care routine. Sheet masks does not only provide your skin the nutrition it needs, it also meditates and calms your soul. Just simply put a sheet mask on for 15-20 minutes (varies per sheet mask/brand). Use at least once or twice a week, but for the real beauty junkies, you can use it every day!
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The skin around your eyes is thinner and more delicate, therefore more easily dehydrated. Which means you should treat this area with more delicate care as well. An eye cream specifically formulated to protect, hydrate, brighten or de-puff is a must! Use your ring finger to TAP the eye cream around the eye area. NEVER RUB! You will only stretch the skin and create wrinkles!
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Hydration is the answer to getting that dewy, glowing skin. There are different forms of moisturizers on the market; from emulsion, lotion, gel or cream. Find a moisturizer that suits your skin and it will create a barrier that locks all the beneficial ingredients that you have applied in the previous steps. On days you feel like your skin needs an extra boost, swap your regular moisturizer for a sleeping pack.
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A.M> SPF Sunscreen is huge in Korea and a must! Even if you are just going outside for a couple of minutes, you MUST wear sunscreen. It’s the most effective and best way to prevent premature ageing and also skin cancer. Apply every morning before heading out and reapply throughout the day. Finish off your morning skincare regime with a dedicated sunscreen or BB cream/ Cushion compact/ Foundation that includes SPF.
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P.M> No beauty sleep is completed without a sleeping mask. Sleeping packs help you wake up with more youthful, glowing and moisturised skin. Skin regeneration active ingredients do the work while you sleep. Just simply apply before sleeping and let the magic work overnight. No need to rinse off in the morning!
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